Origins: Traitor Winds


The president of the Unified Collaboration of Systems, along with hundreds of civilians, had been ruthlessly murdered. There was little need to speculate who had done it—for the instigator was quick to take full credit for the act:

The renegade Sector Command admiral, Maros Krador.

While Sector Command forces search in vain for the traitor, Krador begins to amass a fleet of warships from a secret base, setting himself on a course that is sure to leave a wake of destruction throughout the entire Beta Sector.

The last team of elite covert agents sent in to eliminate Krador was never seen again, yet the Unified Council and the secretive Office of Special Investigations knew what needed to be done. They would need to try again…and there was only one agent they could trust to get the job done.

Unfortunately, Angelika Jordan wanted nothing to do with it.

In a heart-pounding, world-hopping race against time, Angelika must use all her training and cunning to stop Krador and his forces before the traitor’s mighty fleet moves on to its next target.

Set several years prior to the events of The Army of Light, Traitor Winds is a stand-alone story that chronicles an adventure taking place during the Great Galactic War between the Unified Collaboration of Systems and the Kafaran Alliance in the mid-24th century.

Published: March 5th, 2014. Get it here!