Intelligence reports have begun to filter in from the former Outer Sphere: the Kafaran hordes are rearming, aligning themselves and their past allies into a new force known as The Army of Light. Half a decade ago, the Unified Collaboration of Systems barely managed to defeat them, and the cost had been grievously high. With Unified Sector Command fleet strength down to perilous levels, it is anyone’s guess who will come out the victor this time.

Shawn Kestrel, former civilian cargo pilot, has been mysteriously recruited back into Sector Command. Even more baffling is that he is ordered to take command of an elite squadron of advanced starfighters, incorporating technological improvements beyond anything he’s ever seen before.

However, before Shawn has a chance to immerse himself in his new role, a derelict ship from a missing fleet suddenly appears, and the questions it raises have dire consequences that will reverberate throughout the entire galaxy. Working alongside the striking intelligence agent Melissa Graves, Shawn must uncover the truth behind the fate of the Icarus before it’s too late.         

Release Date: September 15th, 2013

Pages: 310

ISBN: 978-1491231159

Publisher: JRP (Jolly Rogers Productions)


“I loved the energy, the characters, the dialogue, and the hints of a robust universe developed without too much info-dumping. Though I preferred the first, I still think this book warrants five stars. The writing is skillful and the plot is superior to most self-published sci-fi on Kindle. The encounter with the Icarus initially started to remind me of “Dead Space” and the sense of mystery is unexplained enough to leave you intrigued for the next installment.”

“The genuine suspense and likable main character will make me come back for more.”

“So readable with conversations that sound like regular people joking and arguing around the dinner table…in the military…in space. OK, so not any regular people I know. But I’d like to. There are a lot more characters introduced in Icarus, each with unique and engaging personalities that certainly enhance the story for me.”


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