Future Titles and Authors

The Kestrel Saga series of novels will soon be reorganized. All works set in this universe will now fall under the ‘Beta Sector’ series. Titles on Amazon will appear as “Beta Sector: Kestrel Saga” or “Beta Sector: Traitor Winds”. This will help be build upon this universe without impacting other novels or series. Future novels will be classified as follows:

Beta Sector: Sector Command Marines
Beta Sector: Sector Command
Beta Sector: Pirates and Free Traders

Each novel or series, while still set in the same universe, will be stories unto themselves, and may or may not involve characters from other series. As you can tell, I’ve got a lot of ideas for the universe I’ve started to create.

I’m also toying with the idea of allowing other authors to write tales in my universe, for which I will gladly pay. Books will be published under my existing company, Jolly Rogers Productions. If anyone is interested, or knows of someone who might be, have them email me at Stephen@StephenFender.com. I’m looking for both new authors and existing ones interested in the challenge.

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